Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Silver lining

The blisters are almost healed. The scabs are gone and the new skin, though tender, seems to be doing well.  I will return to physical therapy next Wednesday.  The prosthetist will meet me there and we’ll be trying some new things one of which is a silver lining sock.

I’ve always wanted to have a silver lining to my life.

The silver helps to lessen stress on the skin, combats sweating and helps lower the risk of infection. Definitely good things for a diabetic amputee.

An encouraging visit

Dennis and Donna stopped by treatment Friday for a visit. Donna is recuperating from what appears to be a successful kidney transplant at University of Iowa Hospitals. She was all smiles and reported she’s happily peeing on a regular basis, drinking in the amounts she wants, and making rounds of social visits.

I say Wundebar! I was grinning as we talked because I was so happy for her and pleased to hear of her success. I told her we needed to have visits from  her because they’re an instance of progress we seldom see at dialysis. It’s more common to hear of regression. We all fight to keep the status quo and often feel — rightly so — we’re in an uphill battle.

I was doing a little self-examination as we talked: Was I jealous or envious of Donna’s new kidney and new found liberation from renal diet and fluid restrictions? Was I thinking, “Damn, why couldn’t that be me?” Actually not really. I was just happy to see Donna so happy and doing so well. A great deal of that is due to Donna’s positive attitude and sincere concern for others.

And speaking of concern

Please keep the name Mary Ann in your thoughts for good wishes. She’s another positive thinker with a bright smile who’s in hospital right now with a severe infection that’s kept her in intensive care far too long. All of us at the second shift on Monday/Wednesday/Friday are pulling for her.


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