Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Low energy

A combination of a respiratory virus, January doldrums and too damned much cold and snow has left me uninspired and weary.

It seems the most I can do is read and I’ve ploughed through a fair number of books in the past few weeks: Historical novels, a bonafied history text, a somewhat poorly written contemporary novel, the beginning of a series based on the exploits of a British soldier during the Napoleonic wars.

It’s true escapism for me, these novels based on careful research of the historical periods in which they’re set. We play the cable channel elevator music at night. Mom works her crossword puzzles and I read. I can barely stand to turn the TV on at night because there is so little that interests me. I’m even tiring of Dancing With the Stars.

It does keep me  occupied while I dangle in limbo witing for Social Security, Vocational Rehibilitation, and word from The Gazette about doing contract work.

I need to tap into more motivation right now, too. I’ve started outpatient physical therapy.  I’ve been going Mondays and Wednesdays before my dialysis treatments. It makes for a long day and I know I need to start walking more with my prosthesis. The virus really sapped my strength, though, and I’ve been trying to help Mom get over her bout with the bug, too. I hope we don’t start giving it back and forth.

At least that’s what I’m using for my excuse. I just can’t seem to get myself to pull the socks and leg on in the morning and walk the 100 feet or so to the dining room. There’s still some adjustment to be done on the prosthesis: It’s not really rubbing on my shinbone but it seems to generate enough pressure to make it uncomfortable and feel as though it’s nearly bruised.

I need to tap into the over achiever in me so I can meet or exceed what the therapist expects from me.

Maybe tomorrow.


January 22, 2009 - Posted by | diabetes, dialysis, fistula, health, kidney, renal diet, renal recipes, transplant, weight loss

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  1. We’re still pulling for you, Kathy. Maybe you can’t feel it from your end.

    We’ll pull a little harder.

    And yes, I do still plan to drop by sometime. Gotta get a spare minute somewhere. Hopefully that’ll happen soon.

    And a (possibly) bright note: Winter will be over soon, too.

    Comment by Richard Pratt | January 23, 2009 | Reply

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