Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Some encouraging words

I made it to the vocational rehabilitation appointment yesterday despite icy roads, closed schools and county roads, and difficulty arranging for transportation. Of course, I called first to make sure the office was open and I could meet with the person I was supposed to. Things went smoothly. I was told there was no doubt that voc rehab could help and that there was a good chance I wouldn’t have to be placed on a waiting list.

I indicated on the application form that I’d like help entering an online (because dialysis takes such a chunk of time during the weekdays and transportation to evening classes would be almost impossible to arrange easily) course on medical transcription, help setting up an office area in our apartment, and help obtaining driver’s education and getting a vehicle equipped with handicap controls.

I was introduced to the man who will act as my counselor, a proud graduate of Mizzou with a plush tiger tail hanging on his office wall and an alumni mug holding his beverage. He said he expected to be sending me a letter within the next 2 weeks and if I haven’t received it by then to contact him.

Recent observations

I never realized how much elderly women enjoy college sports. A large number of the women here at the independent living center are just as enthusiastic about college sports as the handful of men who live here. The focus seems to be mainly on the Hawks and Clones with the women. They are avid fans of both football and basketball. And here I thought it was just my mom, who’s a vocal sideline coach for the Hawks.

It’s amazing, once you become dependent on others for transportation, how much time you spend waiting. It can sometimes be trying to even the most patient person. Oh yeah, and automobile drivers have little or no respect for the fact a bus is much bigger, heavier and harder to stop than their vehicle even if they’re driving a huge SUV.

Television — network prime time and cable — really sucks. Why do we pay so much to have so little choice? I gotta start reading more.


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