Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

5 minutes late

Things often run afoul when you’re trying to meet a specific deadline and so they did Tuesday as I tried to make the 1:30 vocational rehabilitation orientation meeting.

Lunch is generally served around 12:30 here (Brookview Senior Living) but Tuesday there was a glitch and I finally asked at 12:45 if they could please serve me since I was trying to be ready to take the bus at 1 p.m. so we would be at the meeting by 1:30.

I wolfed down my food and went back to the apartment for my winter coat. It was just 1 p.m. when I got to the front desk where the bus driver was waiting for me.

We had some trouble loading on the bus (I have a wide wheelchair at the moment). The lift was being contrary and didn’t want to allow the wheelchair to get past the bolts on the entry to the door. That took some extra time. Melissa, the driver, explained some of the controls to the new driver. That took a couple of extra minutes.

Traffic wasn’t too bad so I was pretty sure we’d make it to the meeting nearly on time. My mom raised me pretty much to believe that if you’re on time, you’re late. We got to the Executive Plaza building where voc rehab is headquartered. The lift on the bus, once again, was uncooperative so it took a couple more minutes to work the wheelchair off the bus.

Then the door to the building (not very handicapped friendly) didn’t have a good bridge over the bottom of the door jam and a wheelchair wheel got stuck. The elevator doors closed too quickly, too, and weren’t very wide.

We got down to the basement where the meeting was to be held and asked where we needed to go. An assistant there said we couldn’t go in the meeting because it had already started and the presenter had already allowed several other stragglers into the meeting. “She doesn’t like to repeat herself,” she said.

“Just how late are we,” I asked. 

“Well, it’s 25 ’til,” the assistant replied. “I always tell people to get here a little before 1:30,” she said. No one mentioned that to me when I called to ask about the procedure. So it’s wait another couple of weeks and get to the meeting early on December 4.

On the thank you so much side of life, Mary, one of my knitting group who’s a security specialist and an organization freak at heart, came over Tuesday morning with her tool kit, a step stool, steam iron and furniture moving equipment and started to help us settle the apartment.

She hung the window toppers in the living room and bedroom, we hauled about 50 books up to the third floor reading room and she rearranged the living room furniture so it feels like there’s a bit more room. Alecia showed up, too, and helped with the furniture rearranging. Mary says she’s coming back Saturday afternoon to take care of a few more things on “the list.” 

The women in my knitting group have been so supportive during this time of …. well, I guess trial is a fair word to use. I can’t thank them enough for their support and help.

Knitters will be here again tonight for a couple hours of clicking needles and clucking tongues. I’m looking forward to the evening.

Next week is Thanksgiving. There will be a total of about 35 residents and guests here for the meal. I decided I want to make a big batch of bread and sausage dressing so we’ll have something truly homemade for the meal. It’s as much for me as anyone else. Dressing makes a Thanksgiving meal for me and I like my own dressing. I’m not even humble about it, so it’s take things in my own hands, so to speak.


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