Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

The weekend

Let’s back up and start with Friday when Sherry from Great Plains Orthotics and Prosthetics stopped by to look at my malfunctioning prosthetic. The problem, she determined after talking with the tech who constructed the leg, had to do with the plastic material forming the receptor for the stump (I still hate that word) spilling into the area where the prongs hold the leg pipe in the cup. The leg needed to go back to the shop. She’ll return the leg Monday morning so it will be usable during Tuesday’s physical therapy session.

Saturday after breakfast I headed in here to the computer area and spent the next six hours wrestling with the online Social Security Administrations Disability Report.  It was a rematch since I’d waded through it 51/2 hours one weekend (September 20) while I was in the hospital.  When they tell you it will take 21/2 hours to fill out, don’t believe it. Such has not been my experience — twice.

I have qualified for long term disability from my employer’s insurance company, but that company asks that recipients also file for Social Security Disability, which I thought I’d done. Last week, to confirm I’d submitted online, I called the local SS office.  When they checked the database, they found the report had never submitted and suggested I try online again before a Tuesday phone appointment with their office. 

I fully intend to use the insurance company’s free service to help guide people through applying for SS disability.

Be prepared with med lists, side effects lists, doc appointment records,  hospital stays, work records for the last 15 years etc. I know even after 6 hours on Saturday, I’ll have more to add Tuesday (some of my medicines didn’t seem to register).

The forms are also highly repetitive and frustrating, at least that’s how I found them.

Once I finished the report, a message followed saying that it was simply the report and I now have to fill out the disability application. I didn’t have the heart to go on to that.

I also got notification this week that the state has denied my first application for Medicaid assistance. I understand their explanation is that since the flood, too many people have applied and I’ll have to “wait my turn.” I have 15 days to file an appeal. Usual  denial rate is 3 times, I’ve been told. Persistence counts, I guess.

Say a little prayer for me, I’m off to check out the SS application.


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