Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Sunday, day of rest

It’s just after lunch, one more hospital variation on chicken and mashed potatoes. At least it wasn’t the deli plate. Why do I so dislike cold hospital food? It has been two months in here and I have pretty well memorized the weekly rotation of hospital fare, so I guess I should give the sickly looking chicken leg and thigh a break, huh?

The closer home day – Tuesday – comes the less patience I seem to have. I don’t want to jump at people, so I keep it at bay, but there’s certainly a part of me that wants to.

Mom came to the hospital yesterday so we could make sure we’ll be able to handle transfers and things like that. They recommended that instead of my adjustable bed we rent a hospital bed for 2 to 3 months.

That will mean asking Brookview if we can store my bed somewhere and trying to get a hospital bed in the bedroom overnight. The hospital does have a home health supply store so I’m hoping we’ll be in luck.

I may have found a ride home, too. One of the knitters who was coming by today to visit has a comapct to mid size car. We’re going to go out and look at it to see if I can use it. Got my fingers crossed on that one, too.

Got to get back in the room and start sorting though stuff. I’m sure I’ll be amazed at what’s accumulated.


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