Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Some more friends

My thank you to Alecia does not mean she’s the only friend or coworker who’s come forward to help during difficult times.  I have a couple others who certainly deserve recognition here for their help to me and my mother.

Linda Nelson has helped take me to dialysis and offered to do so once I get home. The trick will be seeing if I can transfer via standing pivot or slide board. Linda’s vehicle is a small SUV, so we’ll see if that’s possible. I dunno.

Linda’s husband, Steve, deserves a thank you here until he’s better paid (yeah, right) for helping to assemble some lamps and hanging a clock for us.

My co-worker and friend of 30 years, Mary Sharp, has been a boon to my mother by providing transporation to her to come visit me on Sundays. It’s good to see Mom as well as talk with her. Mary’s also done a couple of grocery story runs for Mom.  You wouldn’t think you’d need to do that when you’re in a facility that provides meals, but you do. Toothpaste, bath soap, snacks, etc. you know.

Other friends have freely offered to help as well and they can besure I’ll call on them, if needed.

For those diabetics looking for some sweet treats, I ran across these recipes that looked good enough to eat:

Diabetic Flourless Chocolate Cake

Sugar and Spice Popcorn


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