Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

A little frustration

Not with my rehab progress, but with computers.  Seems like I tried all day yesterday to post or do SOMETHING on the internet, but was foiled each time. Glad to see the problems, whether they were local or widespread, have resolved themselves.

Progress continues at a fast and furious pace. Each day that goes by takes me closer to being home and a little stronger and more able to handle the challenges. Right now, one of those challenges is a chilly gym, hallways and community room.

I’ve tried standing with a walker – worked more easily than I thought, in fact, I said a little prayer to whomever before I tried the first stand. Of course, I had help  getting up, but once up I could balance on my own fairly well. Standing in the walker can be important to a standing pivot into a car. Then, just for the fun of it, we tried a slide board transfer into a car.

Just what is a slide board? A slide board is a board about 3-feet in length and about 21/2-feet in width with a hand-hold cut into each end abou 31/2-inches below the end. When you want to transfer from or into another chair than the wheelchair, you place or slide the boad under your tush until it’s under the opposite hip and supported on the “target” chair, bed, etc.

To get to the target, you push or “slide” from your end to the opposite end of the board or the target. Gotta admit, it’s much more work than it used to be. Sliding downhill is a blessing. So are the right clothes that keep you from splinters.

The car transfer went better than I or my two physical tharapist that it would.

Occupational Therapy takes care of upper body strengthening and I must say even armed with their seemingly “little” 21/2- and 3-pound weights, they’re still wearing out my muscles.  I seem to be calling for Tylenol on a regular basis, but it feels pretty godd at night.


September 25, 2008 - Posted by | kidney

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