Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

I am alive and stayin’ that way

The combination of fleeing the flood, losing a computer, having some pretty severe medical problems on top of the dialysis has made updating the blog, well, shall we say problematic?

I’ve got some bad circulatory stuff going on in my right leg which has led to bypass surgery being scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Dr. Lawrence, a vascular surgeon here in Cedar Rapids, will use a cadaverous vein to do a femeral popiteal bypass (that translates to behind my knee). The cadaverous vein is being used because the vein they would normally strip out of my leg to use is “already shot,” he says. He’ll also amputate the second and third toe on my right foot and hope that’s as far as it goes, though he only gives a 60% prognosis on that. The amputation my have to go to behind the ball of my foot.

So, once again, I’ve been in constant underlying pain (this feels like the front part of my foot is on fire) with sharp flashes of additional pain whenever and nerve twitching that just sort of jumps out to cause that wonderful Touret Syndrome kinda thing. 

My nurse friend, Mal, says recovery may be less painful for me using a cadaver vein because stripping veins can be painful. How long I’ll be hospitalized depends on how well I heal and whether or not physical therapy is going to be necessary for the amputated toes.

By the way, what do you think? Should I offer the blackened, shriveled toe up to e-Bay? I could always say proceeds beyond medical expense would go to a good cause like … well, I don’t know. Have you got any ideas?

I finally ordered a laptop computer yesterday. It’s equipped with WiFi and now I’m just hoping I’ll be able to use it in this concrete laden building. Got some problems with cell phone use here and those may just transfer over to WiFi. We’ll see. It’s scheduled to arrive August 10. I should be ready to deal with something new by then.

We’re acclimating ourselves to the new style of life, but that’s another post.

I’m closing this one because the damn foot is starting to scream past the morphine (another post).

I’ll not be so long between posts, I promise. Keep good thoughts for me tomorrow, please.


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