Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Replying to a friend’s e-mail

Hi, Linda

We evacuated Tuesday evening and are now staying at the Heartland Inn.  I’ll talk with Mom about your offer because I think we will be displaced for some time to come and it would save us money if we didn’t have to stage our search for new housing from a motel. The room, too, is quite cramped and I’m concerned about Mom being there by herself during the days although why that’s different than her being at home normally, I’m not sure.


Just saw some aerial video of the area and pretty sure I identified out house.  It looks like the water probably came up at least 3 to 4 feet on the first floor level.  I think we’ve lost just about everything but we won’t know for certain until we can get into the house. Ironically, one of the two friends from work who helped us get out of there Tuesday said she was going to take my community knitting to work for me because I had too many hours in it to chance leaving it on the davenport to possibly get flood soaked. Looks like that’s probably the only thing we saved.


I’ve already been worried about where we’ll ever find housing since we have some special needs to accommodate, but trying not to be totally overwhelmed. So far, both of us have done pretty well at not wailing and gnashing our teeth. The main thing is we’re both out safely. The other stuff, though I’m certain we lost some family treasures as well, is just stuff, precious as it was.


It’s difficult traffic-wise getting across town for dialysis and once there, they are running on a disaster schedule which means the treatments are limited to 3 hours. I am concerned over two appointments I have next week, though. One Tuesday at Mercy hospital to have my chest catheter removed (I think that one is definitely out of the realm of possibility) and one Thursday with a vascular specialist that I hope I can keep because my right toes are getting more dusky and painful.  Need to get some help quickly with that.


Mom needs a handicapped bathroom, which we finally have here at the Heartland, and it would be nice if the recliner they have here was a lift chair.  She’s very, very sore and getting “stove up” from lifting herself from the chair.  I’m worried about what she’ll do during the daytime when I’m not here to help her up.


I’m also concerned if they close the restaurants.  There is no restaurant with this motel, but they do provided a pretty good breakfast.


I’m going to stop now basically because it’s about all I want to deal with at the moment. Little bites, little chunks.


That which does not kill us only makes us stronger, and right now I feel pretty much like an unwilling Hercules.


I will try to get to Mr. Beans Thursday. I KNOW I’ll need the break.


Thanks for the offer, thanks for the thoughts and keep us hugged in your good wishes, please.





June 14, 2008 - Posted by | kidney

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