Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

No rhyme or reason

Dialysis has brought more mystery to my life:

Why did my kidneys bomb?

Why is my blood like sludge?

Why are my thighs swelling and so painful?

Why do the pain pills work sometimes and seem to have no effect other times?

Why do some treatments go relatively easily and others seem nearly intolerable?

Monday’s treatment was a first. The pain from my legs and cramping were so bad that I pleaded to be taken off treatment an hour early. The cramps are usually limited to my feet, calves and occasionally my hands. Monday, in the middle of the pain killer not working and the zinger pains racing through my calves, the cramps (which have not been a problem for the past month or so) began hitting my calves early and started snaking their way up the insides of my thighs.

Those are cramps you do not want to experience, my friends.

The only times my treatments have been ended early, the choice was prompted by something mechanical.  I want those treatments.  I know I have to have them and the more efficient they are, the better I’ll feel.

As much as my butt rebels and my restless legs want to send me flying from the recliner, as boring as it can get, even with the cramps or nausea and falling blood pressure, I’ve managed to grit my teeth and finish a treatment.

 Not Monday.

I suspicion the wrestle in the rhubarb patch the day before had something to do with my muscles cramping  and probably also weakened the pain killer’s killing capabilities.

I think most of the staff at the unit would back me up when I say I’m not a wimp or a wuss and I try not to complain, but I was whimpering and close to tears. Turning my target off and pushing some saline back helped  ease the cramping.

It was a shame to give in, too, because the treatment started so well. Lisa got both needles in the access on the first try. I was thinking, “OK … this treatment is going to go smoooooothly.”

So much for that thought.


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