Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Holding my breath

The last couple of treatments have gone fairly well and (I’m almost afeared to type the words because of the jinx factor – and please don’t read the following aloud for the same reason) the swelling in my legs has subsided, if not left entirely.

The cranky nodules are still there and still extremely hard – and tender – to the touch, but the overall area on both thighs is less. The anibiotics have been discontinued and I’m about out of pain pills, so it’s damn well time for this stuff to subside, doncha think?

I need to start building my stamina again, so many weeks of near inactivity can really hurt and it has. I’m going to continue ordering the groceries in because I know I’d be on my last legs (how ironic is that?) were I to do the grocery rounds in-store.

The infiltration at the fistula is still painful, but the swelling there has lessened as well, but lordy, lordy the bruise. It amazes me that such bruises can raise and disappear. Being on blood thinners, of course, doesn’t help. Again, here I sit with this purple/black swath of bruise covering my left bicep about 270 degrees. No shortsleeves for me, unless I’m looking for an outpouring of sympathy.

I did make it to knitting Wednesday evening though not Saturday.  I opted to take an early dialysis time slot and by the time I woke on Saturday, knitting was not going to happen.

Wednesday’s group was fun, as it almost always is. We had quite a few knitters there, including two new to the group. When it came time – 8 p.m. – for the coffeeshop to close its doors, I wasn’t ready to go home yet so I put out a general call to continue the knit at Barnes & Noble.

Laurie took me up on the offer and we had a great conversation. I hope I didn’t burden her, but it was good to have someone to talk to about things I find difficult to talk with Mom about, some philosophical (when is enough enough?), some that might be scary for Mom to face (like what would happen if I should die before she does), etc. Thanks for listening, Laurie.

And just so you know we weren’t totally morbid, we spent some time browsing over a book of knitted toy patterns. I’ve got a surrogate granddaughter who’s crazy about cows right now….hmmm, who’d have ever thought I’d be contemplating knitting a cow. Of course there are just the cutest pigs and horses and ark animals and mermaids, oh my.


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