Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

In my defense …

I did post earlier this week, comma but … when I moved the post to the live site, only one sentence appeared. Don’t know whether it was my goof or a Word Press glitch, but when in doubt blame it on operator error.

I’m still fighting the fluid build up in my legs and have little more from the doctors about what it is or what’s causing it. The latest speculation is that the sore nodules are calcium deposits which, according to the doctor, can scar blood vessels.  She suggested I might want to schedule another appointment at Mayo’s to see if they can pinpoint the problem.

First I have to confirm that a Mayo workup would be covered by my insurance ’cause I certainly couldn’t afford it on my own.

The forced inactivity to keep my legs elevated is driving me a bit buggers. The best results come from lying flat in bed with my legs propped on pillows. Come on. What can you do in that position besides snooze on and off? I’ve never been able to read in bed. Not sure why, but I just can’t. And knitting isn’t really possible in that position.

I’m not back to work full time yet, but I have made it 4 out of 5 days this week although the hours have been abbreviated.

The last treatment was disappointing.  We did get the fistula working – both needles – although the numbing cream didn’t work very well so the first needle going in was painful, but we pushed through the pain go get it established.  Nurse Sue numbed the area via a lidocaine shot for the second needle so it went in more easily.

I seemed to be trying to clot the lines or dialyzer again, but we got to 4 minutes left of the 41/2 hour treatment without too much problem when the top needle blew. I don’t know why. I wasn’t trying to move my arm and don’t think I did, but blow it did and it was extremely painful. As in I couldn’t not verbalize and I think a few mild obscenities crossed my lips. A 17 gauge needle twitching around inside your arm is not something I want to repeat very often.

 Of course, there were three of us all coming off the machines at the same time so it was hectic and, of course, just to complicate things further my blood pressure bottomed out at the same time. And of course, the needle site is infiltrated to the tune of swelling “bigger than a baseball,” according to Mom. And it hurts.

The hidden blessing, she said with tongue firmly in cheek, is that the pain at the needle site distracts from the pain in my legs.


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    Are you kiddin’?

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