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A little catch up

This just in:

Renal Support Network is holding a regional Patient Lifestyle Meeting on Sunday, March 30, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Highlander Conference Center on Interstate 80 in Iowa City.

  This entirely free seminar will include a kidney friendly lunch and interactive presentations by both kidney professionals and local patients. Anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes, or other risk factors for chronic kidney disease, as well as current dialysis and transplant patients, will benefit from the wide ranging topics. 

Renal Support Network, a patient-run and patient-focused organization provides non medical services to those affected by chronic kidney disease. RSN helps patients manage and take control of their disease by providing knowledge and hope.

 To register, visit  or call 1-866-903-1728 (Toll free).

* # *

Ya know, taking that “time off” during the holiday week probably wasn’t such a good idea since it led directly to the slippery slope which has now escalated to avalanche, I do believe.

I keep trying to get back to that dry weight — I’m now within 2 kilos if (and it’s a pretty big if) I can keep away from the liquids. That is extremely difficult to do.  It’s hard to deny yourself a long icy drink of water when your mouth feels like acres and acres of parched cotton fields. A good deal of that is because of the medications (especially the furosimide); some of it is from sinus drainage; some of it probably from old age.

It’s difficult denying yourself something that seems so elemental and necessary to life. The little tricks (chewing ice, chewing gum, sucking on hard candy, eating grapes) help a bit to moisten your mouth, but sometimes what’s needed – at least for me – is well past moistening. I fantasize about chugging, not beer but Diet Coke or iced tea, both liberally laced with fresh lemon.

Anyway, I’ve got to grab control of this runaway train and get back to the low-cal diet and clamping down further on the liquids.  Dialysis removes fluid from the blood stream, but not from the tissues, which is of course where the body pushes the fluid when there’s leftover after treatment, etc.

I don’t know about the doctors, but I’ve pretty well determined for myself that the  lumps on my thighs are pockets of fluid trapped in the tissues. I’ve said it before, if I could just sleep like a bat hanging from the cave roof, it would probably help the fluid situation greatly.

One reason I’ve come to the conclusion about the fluid: The lump moves and reshapes itself to fit spaces it’s pushed into. I purchased a wrappable heating pad yesterday and spent two hour-plus sessions with the thing wrapped loosely around my right thigh. When I unwrapped the thigh, there were compressed areas that echoed the shape of the heating pad exactly.  The warmth had increased the movement of the fluid greatly. Now if I could just run the leg through a wringer …

I’ve been meaning to recommend a couple of recipes, too. I haven’t had time — or made time, that should be — to create a week’s worth of menus, but I have tried several renal friendly recipes.

First: Easy Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff

The basic recipe is pretty good and the meat comes out especially tender. I ended up adding more light sour cream because the consistency was more dry than I like and I think next time I’ll add mushrooms to the mix. The recipe is suitable for Diabetes, dialysis and non-dialysis CKD

I made a double batch of meat and froze half for the basis of a meal later.

Second: Lime and Cilantro Chicken Dinner

The chicken had a bright taste on this one, even though I managed to overcook it (not the recipe’s fault). Instead of plain rice, I made the rice with pineapple juice from a can of pineapple chunks and tossed the chunks into the finished rice, too.  The squash I ended up adding sweetner (a brown, too). All in all, pretty tasty.


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