Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Made it


It’s Thursday and there are 13 new inches of snow on the ground. Sheesh.

Of course that’s not the total because there was already snow on the ground. To heck with snow boots, hip waders are needed if you’re going to venture into unbroken snow areas.

I got to work all right Wednesday morning. The snow was deep — and slick — in the streets but still navigable and Jewel (my 1993 turquoise Topaz) was tucked into the parking space by about 6:10 a.m.

When it came time to think about going home, my first second and third thoughts were “If the plows haven’t hit the side streets yet, I’ll never make it.” Listening to the scanner traffic all day long, I knew there were 5 snowplows stuck (How in the world do you dislodge a stuck snowplow?); several city buses; a number of police cars and lord knows how many civilian drivers.

I called a local cab company but was told it would likely be a 2-hour wait. I told them I’d try to make other arrangements. I put out an email to the general newsroom asking if someone had 4-wheel drive and could give me a ride home. Jamie responded in the affirmative.

I was glad I’d asked and took that option because when we got to my block, not one snowplow had passed in front of my house and the alley, driveway and sidewalks were still untouched as well.  Jewel would probably never have made it through that deep snow.  Actually, I don’t think there was any probably to it. 

Just wading through the snow and up the front steps was a challenge. Then, of course, my house key was hanging over the calendar in the kitchen. Took some pounding on the door before Mom heard me. (Her hearing is really bad, but she refuses to discuss a hearing aid. That’s another story.)

So we snuggled in for the evening. Finished a little vest sweater for the orphanage in Kosovo, watched a little TV. I think it’s a bit screwy, but the only “reality” show Mom and I watch is Project Runway. Don’t ask me why because I don’t think I could tell you. But the bitchiness — I guess — captures our fancy.

The kids here have yet another snow day today. If this keeps up, they’ll be in school until July 4 this year. Snows like this one were more fun when I was a kid. Especially after I got my 5-foot Flexible Flyer. Now that was a sled! Wood and steel. You had to sand, polish and wax the runners to get the best speed.

This snow also reminds me of the year I spent in Duluth. Snow, snow, snow. Everywhere. From early in the season to early June.  When I got back to campus from Easter break, the snow in the enclave was over my head and above the door frames of the first-floor rooms. There was a tiny path dug through that mass of snow to the front desk. Walking sideways and carrying the suitcase in front, the snow on either side was well above my head.  When my parents picked me up on June 10, there were still 10-foot piles of snow packed around the lamp posts.

The Minnesnowtans at the school used to have a joke: “If summer comes on a weekend this year, let’s have a picnic!”

We’ll see how treatment goes tonight. I’m already tired today, the swelling behind my legs is no less and still painful. There’s still a small lump at the access site.


I need a vacation.


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