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A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Acquiring a taste

nutrition labelcheddarSo, I’m a big time cheese lover and always have been.  It’s one of the foods most difficult for me to give up on the diabetic renal diet so I, of course, took the bait from Dairy Delicious to try their low phosphorus, low potassium, low sodium cheddar cheese substitute.

I knew it wouldn’t be particularly cheap, but then neither is good cheese.  I tried some last night as a dip for some low sodium crackers. At first I thought, “this is a real waste” but the more I ate the better I liked it.  I think it might be possible to create a passable macaroni and cheese with it and that would be a blessing on this restrictive diet.

It should be pretty good in casseroles, too.

Packaged in 2-ounce plastic tubs, the label touts 90% less phosphorus, 67% less sodium and 85% less potassium than regular cheddar cheese sauce. There are a couple of recipes on the Dairy Delicious site.  Mexican seasonings, green chilies, etc. should make tasty variations, too.

I’m thinking broccoli and cheesy rice might be good, too…maybe some chopped red pepper in there…add a bit of grilled chicken. That could work.

Dairy Delicious also has a low phosphorus, low potassium, low sodium 2% milk that’s shelf stable and according to the Web site can even be used in cooking.  An 8-ounce trial carton came in my package of cheddar cheese sauce.  I used it a couple of night’s ago as a base for some potato soup (one of my all-time favorite winter suppers). I took a little taste before I added it to the soup pot and it seemed to taste just fine. I added some non-dairy liquid creamer, too.

I think the milk would work well for pudding mixes, etc., where the non-dairy creamer can sometimes be too heavy. There are some decent sounding recipes on the Web site for the milk, too.

Dairy Delicious (and no, I’m not a stock holder) is also putting together Mac and Cheese boxed dinners and will soon introduce a ricotta cheese product. Sounds good to me.


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