Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

A merry little Christmas

It was, indeed, a merry little Christmas for us.

I picked Aaron up about 6 p.m. but by that time, needed to get something to eat and right away.  I hadn’t eaten since about 9 a.m. and dialysis always makes me hungry, too.

I intended to stop at Wendy’s on the way to Iowa City, but wonder of wonders, they were already closed. We went to The Mill mainly because I had seen it was open as I passed.

Of course, being Christmas Eve, there wasn’t a throng of customers there but enough to keep the sole waiter busy, though he wasn’t letting the people there kick him into high gear. Pub grub again, but very good pub grub. They served me a really good tenderloin and a small batch of French Fried onion rings. Both were above norm for pub grub.

Aaron wanted to stop by a Christmas Eve open house some friends were having, so we did that and ended up watching “A Christmas Story,” my favorite Christmas movie. It was interesting to see – in ages ranging from early 30s to 60s – how much everyone loved the movie and could repeat favorite lines at will.  It’s kinda like the gentle, warm version of “Rocky Horror Show” without getting toasted.

And, yes, I did have a teensy bit of Holiday cheer – a mudslide or two — that was delicious.

We got back to the house a little after midnight.  Mom was still up and between the two of us we managed to coerce Aaron into opening his gifts. It really wasn’t very difficult. 🙂

He had lots to open and seemed quite pleased with all he received.  There were more “sweet” s than not coming from his mouth after he opened a gift.

We finally got to bed around 3 a.m. I got up about 8 and came to the office where I worked until 1 p.m. Got home in time to help with the final touches for dinner and to make the gravy. It was all “good stuff,  Maynard.”

The food was eaten and things cleared about 3:30 and after a little checking on the internet to return 3 pairs of sailor dungarees that were too small for Aaron, he and I headed to Iowa City where we stopped at the Christmas night open house some other mutual friends were staging. 

It was great, including the apricot brandy soaked homemade dark fruitcake, oh yeah! We caught up a bit with what’s been happening with Jeff and Paul and got some special attention from their Newfie, Duncan, who’s now a dignified adult, and Rosie, another Newfie who’s still in puppydom though she’s probably near 100 pounds. The two of them had a visiting canine friend, Fred, who broke all the stereotypes for Pitt Bulls and was a real, real love.

Everybody took the “be of good cheer” directive to heart.  How divine.


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