Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Happy Holidays

It dates me, I know, but when I think of Christmas, music pops into my head and it’s usually Bing Crosby singing it.

We had quite a storm over the weekend. It dumped 8.5 inches on top of the icy remains of freezing rain, snow, freezing mist again, then the big dump.

It all piled on by noon Sunday but my walks weren’t passable until about 2:30. Lucky for me, my supervisor at work called Saturday and told me he was going to be in Sunday and if it snowed beyond my capabilities to cope, I could stay home. So I did.

I also dialyzed early, early, early Saturday morning (I was hooked up by 5:58 a.m.) in order to avoid the snow that came in just about as predicted at 4 p.m. The first flakes were more like clots of snow than snowflakes and they were preceded by rain. Guess I shouldn’t grouse, though, because the rain probably kept the total snow from passing 10 inches.

Though my stress tests came out better than expected at Mayo, I’m not about to try shoveling 8.5 inches of snow off our walks and porches. Besides, when we moved in April/May one of the things I asked be included in the lease is that we would not be responsible for lawn care or sidewalk maintenance in the winter. I’m glad I did since the house has changed hands and we have a new landlord.

When I asked for the inclusion in the lease, the soon-to-be landlady said, “well, of course, we take care of all that. Why would you want it in the lease?” Because, I answered, it will give me peace of mind to know I don’t have to worry about those things. I’m glad I made the request.

It’s a busy day today, Christmas Eve. I’m doing work until noon, dialysis from about 12:30 to 5:30, driving to Iowa City to pick up my son, wrapping a few late-arriving presents when we finally get home.

Tomorrow is work until 1 p.m., Christmas dinner with Mom and Aaron, relaxing, I hope, or driving Aaron back to Iowa City.  I did finish a handknit, extra long in leg and foot, hiking sock for him. I think I’ve mentioned before that he is an amputee so one sock makes a pair. It’s a sickish little joke with my knitting buddies and me that they envy me because I can get by with knitting only one sock for him.

Otherwise, at his request, he’s getting lots of warm clothes. Gone are the days where he tosses socks and clothes aside in search of the “good stuff.”

I don’t want to sound maudlin, but this holiday season has been especially sweet for me. I find myself thinking often that it’s a miracle that I’m here to see it so I want to enjoy it.  I even watched a Christmas concert on IPTV yesterday afternoon and sang all the Christmas songs with the choir.

Even though it’s been difficult to get around, the beautiful ice storm and now the thick, fluffed snow has been inspiring to see.  I’m not sure how soon the awe at mother nature will turn into grumbling, but for right now, I’ll just enjoy the incredible beauty it’s providing.

I’m relaxing the calorie restrictions for the next couple of days, but I don’t intend to blow it big time.  I’ve had one each of four of the five varieties of homemade Christmas cookies at the coffee pot here at work. OK, confession time: I actually had 2 or 2 or them because they were soooo good. Das ist allus, though those goody two are beckoning me to come have more.

We’ve got a good, but not outrageous menu planned for tomorrow: Vertically roasted capon; bread dressing; low cal cranberry sauce; gravy; scalloped corn; renal-friendly cherry bread pudding.

That’s about it from here today.

May you and your’s have a most wonderful Christmas filled with music – whether or not it’s Bing singing it – love, laughter and most of all, hope.


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