Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Fistulogram, take 1

St. FicareThe fistulogram was far less harrowing then it could have been and the ristrictions post testing far less restrictive than I’d read about. Sometimes the Internet can give you too much information, I guess.

Of course, had my test revealed any problems, it may have changed thing drastically.

The test was performed in the radiology department and involved injecting contrast dye into the site of the fistula. The injection has left the site a bit bruised and puffy, but it’s still pumping like a trooper and the thrill is still definitely there.

I have dialysis this afternoon/evening. I’m not sure if that means it will be the first attempt to begin using the fistula or not.

Here’s an interesting side note, or at least I was fascinated to find the strange connection to my dialysis experiences in particular:

St. Ficare (or sometimes Ficara) is the Patron Saint of sock knitters AND fistulas. Who’d a thunk it? And, for that matter, who’d be weird enough to look it up? Uh, that’d be me…

One day it struck my fancy to Google “patron saint of knitters” and up came St. Ficare among a couple others. He’s also the patron saint of “barrenness; box makers; cab drivers; fistula; florists; gardeners; haemorrhoids; hosiers; pewterers; piles; taxi drivers; sterility; syphilis; tile makers; venereal disease.” (Source:

Certainly a diverse and eclectic list of saintly areas, some of them less desirable than others. 🙂 If I could find a medal, I’d buy it, but no such luck.  All I can find is garden statues. Go figure.

I hope his faithful don’t mind my adopting him as my patron saint, although he does appear to be a terrible chauvinist. The fistula and knitting connections kinda outweigh my aversion to chauvinists, though. So, until I learn otherwise about the other knitting saints, I’ll be doing a request to St. Ficare to help make the placement of my fistula access in a spot that will let me continue knitting while I’m on dialysis.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Yesterday’s stats:

Blood sugar: 88

Caloric intake: 1112

Additional activity: None

I was a little short on calories since I needed to withhold breakfast and ate a late lunch because of the fistulogram.

“But wait, there’s more!”

I always love to hear and laugh at that phrase on the infomercials on TV, so here’s my today’s BWTM:

Another great piece on the moral dilemma of selling kidneys from The Wall Street Journal


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  1. Thanks, you really cheered up my day. St Ficare will always be an inspiration as will you. I text the details on the saint to my hubby who is currently many miles away from me. He will find it very funny as most of the criteria apply, apart from fistulas. Thats where I come in, as I am currently a 1st year diagnostic radiography student. Good luck with everything.

    Comment by Tracy Tweedale-Matthews | March 4, 2009 | Reply

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