Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Dealing with dialysis & disaster

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 – in the midst of an ice storm

This morning — sitting here at work listening to the police scanner chatter constantly about downed trees, power lines, fires and other weather-related problems —  gives me reason to wonder why I’ve delayed putting together a dialysis disaster kit.

Reading those directions in the renal material I received early on in this journey was cause for pause and a bit of fear.  I grew up in the age of bomb shelters and school drills for nuclear disasters and multiple tornado warinings are the norm here in Eastern Iowa, so perhaps I’m a bit jaded about danger warnings.

But add dialysis in my personal mix and maybe I better consider putting together a survival kit. The directions echo preparedness suggestions for “normal” people but add specific food and fluid restraints for renal patients and directions for what to do if your dialysis unit is closed or you’re unable to do home dialysis.

If you’re not familiar with the how to prepare for a disaster, click here.

Speaking of dialysis during disaster, etc., Mercy dialysis unit called Monday morning to see if I wanted to do treatment shortly after 5 so I wouldn’t have to be on the road Tuesday (today) evening. 

 I took the opportunity and I’m glad I did. Looking out the window right now (shortly before noon), it’s a fantasy wonderland worthy of The Nutcracker ballet, but it’s trecherous out there as the scanner traffic attests. I get off work at 2 p.m. and the drive home is fairly flat, so maybe I’ll be OK.

If I were brave, I guess I’d stop at the grocery store for some of those things recommended in the preparedness kit, but I’m going to concentrate just on getting my considerable butt safely home.

Actually, probably one of the things we really need to have is a sterno stove since our stove is electric.

This is one of the challenges of living in Iowa, but we’re hardy stock perhaps less removed from our pioneer ancestors than our city cousins on the coasts. 

The noon weather report is calling for the freezing rain to change to sleet and snow now…goody, goody!

Monday’s report:

Morning blood sugar: 74

Calories: 1440

Additional activity: None

Weight lost: 1.7 kilos or 3.74 pounds

More later…


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