Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Not so freaky Friday

Other than the fact that I’m up and motivating before 8.  I don’t have to be in Rochester and my day is pretty free: No dialysis, no appointments, no trips out of town specifically. I do have quite a bit to accomplish, though. Excuse the typing. the neuropathy is pretty strong in my right hand at the moment so stray letters may appear in the words here.

Daily report for Thursday:

Calories: 1401

Activity: Nothing other than daily

Fluid intake: 30 oz. pre-dialysis; 16 oz. post

Dialysis: Met target of 5.6 kilos removed but had to ask for 100cc saline back at the very last — literally — minutes because I was starting to cramp.

Goals for today: Make out weekly menu and shopping list; grocery shop; put up a few holiday decorations; get on the treadmill for at least 7 minutes.

A little catch up:

Received a letter from Mayo this week saying my mammogram was fine. That’s a relief since there is so much cancer in my mom’s family.  It’s a wonder the entire world isn’t hypocondriacal considering all the medical information we have to “worry” about.  For some reason, though, cancer has never been my great worry.  Arthritis and sight loss always topped my list.  Who woulda thunk kidneys would sneak in there.

Sue looked at my fistula site last night during dialysis and wants to have Dr. V take a look at it next week to determine if we should do a fistulagram before we try to use it.  Sue’s going to do her best to see if the buttonhole accesses can be placed so I can still knit while on dialysis.

I appreciate that effort since knitting, believe it or not, is important to the quality of my life. I use it as meditation, creative release, and a way to feel productive even when sitting still.  Besides, it results in beautiful, wearable art.  What could be a better hobby and how better to fill the time tethered to the dialysis machine?

Hmmm, tethered made me flash mental pictures of ponies hobbled to keep them from straying.  Maybe that feeling is why so many of us on dialysis chafe at the time we’re tied to the machine.  I don’t know that ponies haver quite as great a reward — life — as we do for our time being hobbled.

I talked with Donna and Dennis last night.  Donna has been diabetic since childhood and is now on dialysis.  She’s in the midst of transplant assessment at University of Iowa Hospitals and will know by late December when her actual transplant journey will start.  I say when because she was gleeful to admit last night that her sister, Linda, is a blood type match, the first step in becoming a live donor.

It leaves me awestruck to know that people are willing to give an organ to another. Donna feels the same, she said, and is so grateful her sister is willing to go through the process.  I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Linda is a good match and the transplant can proceed.

Donna and Dennis are, I’m not sure what the correct word is maybe admirable.  Donna’s attitude is so good, though she admits to days when she can “barely smile” because things seem so tough. I think we all have days like that whether we’re in kidney failure or not.

Dennis is right by her side, even during dialysis.  I first noticed them this summer.  Donna was in the recliner doing her treatment and crocheting. Dennis was sitting in a straight back chair facing her, chatting and doing cross-stitch embroidery at the same time.  That takes a mighty secure male and a dollop of chutzpah.

Curiosity killed the Kat and I had to ask Dennis, as he passed by my station one evening, what he was working on.  He retrieved his cross stitching to show me and said Donna had taught him when her eyesight began to fail and she could no longer work the projects.  He does beautiful work.

He and Donna, he said, try to look at dialysis as an opportunity to spend quality time together.  Talk about turning lemons into lemomade.

So, on to the day at hand.  I’ll try to get back here later to let you know what the menu for the week will be.  Feel free to use it or any part of it for your own meal planning, if you choose.


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