Stayin’ alive

A kidney dialysis/transplant diary

Getting ready

I got several things accomplished yesterday in preparation for Mayo’s: Deposited the necessary cash in my checking account; went grocery shopping for Mom; discussed in detail what “the hired sons” will be doing to keep in contact with Mom and provide her the support she might need while I’m gone.

The bank was a bit frustrating because the deposit I made Friday will not be posted until Tuesday. Isn’t it wonderful how computers have made everything so much faster these days? If the idea that that would be a problem in preparing for a trip I’ll be making seems odd to you, here’s the deal: Yes, I live paycheck to paycheck and I’m on a credit card diet. Have been on that diet for several years.

In fact, I was surprised when I made my reservations at the Kahler Inns and Suites and told them I didn’t want to use a credit card to guarantee my room they said it wouldn’t be necessary as lomg as I could assuire them I would check in by 6 p.m. Wow.

I did my grocery shopping — because I had to pick up a few other things, including a bathrobe — at a large discount chain that has a big bull’s eye for a sign <grin>. It always seems strange to me to be able to buy a vacuum cleaner, dainty lingerie and fresh produce in the same store. Just doesn’t feel right to me and I don’t often do it. Also, by the time I finish double shopping in a huge store like that, I am totally wiped and usually sweating at the checkout and not over the prices.

So check two things off the list.

If you’re curious about the reference to “hired son” that would be Steve and his business partner Scott who are  our support team here in Cedar Rapids. They’re great guys in gemeral and provide a service for Mom and me that we’ve quickly become dependent on.

Their business is called Home Choice Senior Care and they are like a combination homemaker/health/cleaning/moving/chauffuer/emergency help/companionship/car washing/mouse trapping/cheer you up support system, in other words, they’re like my “hired sons”. If you think that’s a big order, it is, but they fulfill  it and I am so grateful I took the time to find them. 

They’ll be calling  Mom each day and popping by every other day just to say hello and bring her some fast food, if she wants it, or anything else she finds she might need. On Wednesday, Steve’s going to come by and take Mom to get her flu shot because, he said, he needs to get one, too.

Check another thing off the preparation list.

Today, I’m going to my knitting group. I try to make the Wednesday and Saturday meetings because I enjoy the women (and occasioanl man) who come to knit and chat and because it feels like a very “normal” thing to do.  Socialization and not being isolated is important, they tell me and in this regard, they are right. 

I have dialysis again this afternoon. I’m not looking forward to getting on the scale, not when I left so much heavier last time because of the saline pushback. Oh, well.

The main preparation goals I have for today is to get the car washed for the trip. Mom insists.  “You know cars always run better when they’re clean.” And to fill out the double digit multi-page medical history form I’m to take with me to Mayo’s. Gotta do it in black ink, no less, so their computer system can scan it successfully.

In other news: The mouse hunt continues at our new apartment. When the weather started to cool we discovered the apartment in “this old (but nice) house” was so comfy and cozy the the mice wanted to snuggle in, too. We’ve caught three so far and I think a 4th this morning because I heard some small knocks from the inside of the cupboard they’ve decided is their special smogasbord. I’m not afraid of mice, but I decided I’d just ignore it for awhile. I think the trap that probably got the little guy is a sticky one and I frankly don’t want to deal with a wriggling critter when I go to dispose of it.

Gotta go get ready for knitting. Keep your fimgers crossed that I have no cramps or low blood pressures at treatment today.


November 3, 2007 - Posted by | diabetes, dialysis, health, kidney, transplant

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